My name is Anne Hellman Vold. 
I work with design – currently UX at Doberman.


BabyBuzz, Volontaire (2016)

A pregnancy bracelet that let the expecting couple share the pregnancy in a new way. 

Digital product design, app & web.
My role: lead designer

Pendelpoddar, Volontaire (2016)

A service that allows travellers to find podcasts matching their travel time,  exploring new topics on their commute. 

Concept + web.
My role: lead designer

On the tip of my tongue, Volontaire (2013)

A new exhibition space for Magasin III; an text-based art subscription that lead users to installations, live streamed performances and digital art-experiences.  

Concept + web.
My role: designer


Old things, new things, can’t be viewed-things.
Let’s talk instead.